Realize distributed neural networks on blockchain

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Realize distributed neural networks on the blockchain. Robots will be able to spend, save, invest, and think using dist.ai. Dist.ai is an altcoin that integrates deep learning into blockchain.

We plan to develop a working prototype first to make sure our idea works. It is going to take time.

The valuation of the altcoin is not decided yet, and also we will write our whitepaper based on our experiments done in our test environment.

Our plan:

1) M1: Release an initial version without AI integrated.

The initial release is to make sure basic blockchain features such as consensus on blocks, transaction issuance, and token(asset) issuance work well.

After launching the M1 version of dist.ai, we may decide to do sell coins only to people who sent an email to support@scalechain.io by the time of M1 release.

2) Open testnet for a sandbox.

Anyone can participate in the experiments based on the M1 initial release.

3) M2: Release the second version with AI integrated.

The second version integrates AI into blockchain. Like you run DApps on Ethereum blockchain, you will be able to run AI apps on dist.ai blockchain such as speech recognition, object identification, image transcription, question answering, etc.

4) Publish a technical whitepaper.

Run experiments, validate assumptions, resolve major open issues, and publish a technical whitepaper.

5) M3: Final release

Release the final version on mainnet as well as testnet.

To get updates on dist.ai, send an email to support@scalechain.io.